Audio & Additional Services

Audio Tape


Audio Cassette, Reel to Reel Audio Tape, 78, 45, 33 1/3 lp, Mini Cassette or Micro Cassette Converted to Audio CD or MP3

Includes editing black sections longer than 1 minute and removes background noise as much as possible


Audio Cassette

Up to 30 minutes                                                                            $19.95/tape

Up to 80 minutes                                                                            $24.95/tape

Over 80 minutes (additional CD)                                                $5.00


Reel to Reel

Up to 30 minutes                                                                            $29.95/reel

Up to 80 minutes                                                                            $34.95/reel

Over 80 minutes (additional CD)                                                $5.00


Vinyl Record (78, 45 & 33 1/2)

Up to 30 minutes                                                                            $19.95/record

Up to 80 mintues                                                                            $24.95/record

Over 80 minutes (additional CD)                                                $5.00



Video Editing


Up to 1 hour of editing                                                                  $59.95/ 1st hour

Each additional hour of editing                                                 $49.95/Additional hour



Digital Video Files to DVD


Your movie files will be converted to DVD to watch on your DVD player.


Digitial Video to DVD up to 2 hours or 99 files                $24.95/DVD



Digital Pictures to DVD Slideshow


Pictures taken on your Digital Camera made into a Slideshow to be played on your DVD player with background music and an Opening Title.


Up to 200 images from one memory card or disc

(minimum)                                                                             $39.99 Minimum Charge

Each Additional Image                                                       $0.20/image




Picture (.jpeg) From Video

We can freeze a video image and capture a digital image to make prints or share on

the web. Please note that video is low resolution compared to photographs or slide scans, and will not produce high quality prints.


.jpeg from Video Setup                                                           $24.95

.jpeg from Video                                                                        $5.00/image




DVD Duplication

Includes: DVD-R media tested for quality and Storage Case


1 Copy                                                                                    $9.99/copy

10 to 20 Copies                                                                    $7.99/copy

20 to 30 Copies                                                                   $5.99/copy

Over 30 Copies                                                                    Contact Us


Dual Layer DVD Duplicate                                             $14.99/copy

Blu-Ray Duplicate                                                            $24.99/copy



CD Duplication


Includes: CD Media, Duplication and Sturdy Plastic See Through Case


1 Copy                                                                                        $7.99/copy

5 to 10 Copies                                                                           $5.99/copy

Over 10 Copies                                                                         Contact Us

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