Film Transfer

Film to DVD

Enjoy your finished production on your DVD player.

Up to 400 feet

$76.00 Minimum Charge

Additional feet of film
(after 1st 400 feet)



Film to .avi files for Editing on a PC (External Hard Drive/Not Included in Price)

Call for current Hard Drive pricing.

Up to 400 feet
(Call for Price of Hard Drive)

$76.00 Minimum Charge

Additional feet of film
(After first 400 feet of film)



Film to .mov files for Editing on a MAC (External Hard Drive/Not Included in Price)

Call for current Hard Drive pricing.

Up to 400 feet
(Call for Price of Hard Drive)


Additional feet of Film
After first 400 feet of film



Additional Titles for Film, Slides & Photos (Opening Title is Free!)

A title consists of up to three lines of text with up to 24 characters per line. All titles (opening title and any additional titles) should be legibly written or typed and specify which reel or image the title will precede.

Additional Title


Additional Line of Text
Up to 24 characters per line



DVD Authoring

You can pick up to 10 custom Chapter points so that you can skip to exactly the point on your DVD that you want to see. Additional chapter points are available @ $4.00 per Chapter point.

Custom Chapter Points
Up to 10


Each Additional Chapter Point



Custom Background Music

A charge is only applied if your music is from individual tracks, not the complete CD. Our easy listening instrumental background music is provided free of charge. You may also provide your own non-copyrighted audio, also free of charge, supplied on CD. The audio provided should last as long as your transfer.

Individual Song
If individual tracks are requested.



Do Not Splice Film

Do not splice film onto larger 200 foot or 400 foot reels. Return film on original reels.

Do Not Splice Film
Return film on original reels

$0.03/foot additional


Super 8mm Film Cartridge

Cartridges will be discarded and film will be wound onto 50, 200 or 400 foot reels as needed.

Super 8mm film Cartridge

$0.03/foot additional


Film Received In Pieces

Film not on a film reel in pieces. Film will be spliced in random order.

Film Received In Pieces



Repeat A Film Type

Different original formats (i.e 16mm, Regular 8mm, Super8mm, Slides and Photos) can be transferred onto the same DVD Free of charge, providing that they do not repeat a format. The charge is assessed each time a format is repeated i.e. Reels nembered 1, 2 & 3 are Regular 8mm. Reel number 4 is Super8mm. Reel number 5 is (charged incurred) Regular 8mm.

Repeat A film Type



16mm Mag Stock

Separate video and audio reels, synchronized and edited together.

16mm Mag Stock
Price per foot plus editing fee of $40.00 per 1/2 hour.

$40.00/1/2 hour


Film Transfer to PAL DVD

Receive an NTSC & PAL DVD

Price of Film transfer Plus



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