Old photographs tend to fade, collect dust, scratches, nicks and tears over the years. At Red Tree Tech we can bring new life to your old photos. Our photo restoration process can make your old and damaged photographs look as good as or better than you ever remember them looking.

We will scan, brighten, color correct, repair, alter, and print your photographs to any size or format you request. Whether the repaired photo is a gift for someone, for a special occasion, or just one that you want framed for your family room at home, the end result will truly amaze you.

Individual Photo Restoration prices range from $40 each, and up, depending on the severity of the picture damage, the extent of the alterations required, and the size and number of the prints you want.

Discounts are provided depending on the number of photos to be repaired and printed.


All of our photo work is done in house and nothing is mailed or sent out. We take great care of your precious memories while they are in our care.

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