Photo Scanning

Pricing & Additional Services


Archive Photo Service 2x3 in. up to 8x10 in. (600dpi)


Up to 100 Photos                                                       $60.00

Up to 500 Photos                                                       $0.50/photo

Up to 1000 Photos                                                     $0.45/photo

1001 Photos and Over                                               $0.40/photo


Archive Photo Service Larger than 8x10 in. (600dpi)


Up to 10 Photos                                                        $60.00

Up to 75 Photos                                                        $4.00/photo

Over 75 Photos                                                         $3.00/photo


Archive Fragile Photos (600dpi)


Up to 20 Photos                                                       $50.00

Up to 75 Photos                                                       $2.00/photo

Over 75 Photos                                                        $1.50/photo


Photo Restoration


Starts at                                                                 $19.99/photo



Additional Services

To further enhance your photo transfer, Lansdale Video & Computer offers the following services at an additional change:


Digital Pictures to DVD Slideshow

Pictures Scanned or taken on your Digital Camera made into a Slideshow to be played on your DVD player with background music and an Opening Title.


Up to 100 images                                                      $40.00

Each Additional Image                                               $0.30/image


DVD Duplication

Includes DVD-R media tested for quality and Storage Case


1 Copy                                                                            $9.99/copy

10 to 20 Copies                                                            $7.99/copy

20 to 30 Copies                                                           $5.99/copy

Over 30 Copies                                                           Contact Us


Additional Titles for Film, Slides & Photo’s (Opening Title is Free)

A title consists of up to three lines of text with up to 24 characters per line. All titles (opening title and any additional titles) should be legibly written or typed and specify which reel or image the title will precede.


Additional Title                                                             $4.99/title


Custom Background Music

A charge is only applied if your music is from individual tracks, not the complete CD. Our easy listening instrumental background music is provided free of charge. You may also provide your non-copyrighted audio, also free of charge, supplied on a CD or Flash Drive. The audio provided should last as long as your transfer.


Individual Song                                                          $4.99/song

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